This project was secured by way of a Promotion Agreement. The 6 acre site provided what can be considered to be a classic infill of the settlement of Ashbourne. The site was promoted through the planning system and ended up at a Public Inquiry Appeal in order to secure planning permission on the site. This Appeal proved to be a catalyst for Derbyshire Dales District Council as they capitulated on the 5 year housing land supply argument and effectively withdrew from defending the Appeal.

Project Overview

The site was considered to be a logical infill development in the settlement of Ashbourne. However, this logic was not shared by the District Council who refused the Outline Application that had been lodged for up to 65 dwellings. A 3 day Public Inquiry Appeal ensued with Jerry Cahill QC acting on our behalf before the Planning Inspectorate Mr Sargent. Mr Sargent concluded that no harm has been shown that would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of providing this additional housing in this location.

Consultation Process

A limited public consultation was undertaken as it became apparent that the key stakeholders were favouring other potential sites within Ashbourne as being their preferred locations for development. Therefore we carried out a public consultation process but did not find support locally for the proposals. Sometimes, despite best attempts it happens like this!