Lone Star Land specialise in all aspects of residential land and development.

Our consultancy and management service covers all aspects of property development: from identification and appraisals, through the site acquisition process, planning, planning gain negotiations, site layout, design options and the development process. Equally, we can project-manage the entire process, from the inception pre-planning stage through to final sales and completion.

Behind each element of the development process lies a myriad of potential issues that can influence the outcome of the process. These issues need to be fully understood and appreciated inline with the Client's requirements so that the strategy will ensure that a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

The development and planning process is far from straightforward and many "curve balls" are thrown along the way. How one anticipates these hurdles and advises the Client on the most appropriate way forward is key to a successful mandate.

To this end, and acutely aware of the potential pitfalls resulting from the constant legislative changes, Lone Star Land makes sure it keeps its finger on the pulse of the property industry.