Land Promotion

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Why are Promotion Agreements the most popular structure for gaining planning permissions and selling land?
The Promotion Agreement structure is a conflict and risk free approach for any landowner to utilise. The landowner’s and Promoter’s objectives are aligned from day one and the landowner is not expected to contribute towards the planning process. To cap this off, once consent is granted the site is sold on the open market in a transparent competitive bidding process. This maximises the return for the landowner.

How much does a Promotion Agreement cost me?
As landowner the process should not cost you a penny. The entire process is typically funded by the Promoter. This can be and is usually a significant investment made by the Promoter. This is at the Promoter’s risk and in the event that planning permission is not forthcoming then these fees are abortive.

How do I know that you have my interests at heart?
Our objectives are perfectly aligned from day one as the Promoter receives an agreed percentage of the net amount received and the Promoter therefore wants the maximum possible Capital Receipt for the landowner.

Do you engage with the Local Community?  
Lone Star Land boasts an enviable track record in delivering planning permissions at a local level.  This is achieved through an all embracing approach to local consultation. This process can involve fortnightly stakeholder meetings - whatever the process, local consultation and hopefully a positive local decision can take years of the planning process and save the landowner tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.  

What is my risk? 
Absolutely nothing. The Promoter carries the financial risk and potential burden. Of course you need to enter into a Promotion Agreement with Lone Star Land but this paves the way for guaranteeing and securing your return.